article-headingMother Seeks Courtroom Reform for
Sexually Abused Children and Protective parents
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Sexually Abused Children and Courtroom Reform
By Maralee Mclean, Author, Speaker, Expert Witness, and Child Advocate
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My long involvement in our often archaic and biased judicial system is a journey that should never have been necessary in the face of abuse that should never have occurred.
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Maralee  McLean is a child advocate, protective parent, domestic violence expert, professional speaker, and author of Prosecuted But Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children.
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The first march was held in 1992 In Washington. This nightmare has continued for women and children nationally and internationally knowingly for three decades.
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Geerte Frenken talks to Maralee McLean – 23 July 2016 – YouTube
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Testimonials flood in on Custody4Cash scandal
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Mother Seeks Courtroom Reform
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The Juvenile Sex Offender
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Stop Child Abuse Now
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Under the law of the father (Interview of Maralee McLean) December 13, 2016
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Survivor Story: Maralee McLean
Her abuser committed the ultimate act of domestic violence when he sexually abused their daughter—and then got custody of her. Maralee McLean endured years of emotional and physical abuse from her then-husband, Lance. But what he did to her while they were married was nothing compared to agony she was forced to deal with after they separated. McLean’s husband sexually abused the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. And then he got custody of her.
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Maralee Mclean: “Social Services Forced My Daughter To Live With Her Father Who Was Raping Her”
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Geerte Frenken talks to Maralee McLean
Protective Mother, Child Advocate and Author Maralee McLean lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter to her abusive ex, despite reported medical evidence of sexual abuse and police reports stating abuse. She finally got her daughter back at age 12 after eight years of one-hour-a-week supervised visitations and endless litigation.
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Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence
Prosecuted but Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children by Maralee McLean
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Judicial assessments: the use of the “parental alienation syndrome” soon proscribed because medically unfounded.
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Hillary Clinton And The “Quincy Solution” To Prevent Domestic Violence
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The Survivor Stories Project 2016: Maralee Mclean
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latest – Mom Goes Public With Her Harrowing Story To Prevent More Children From Being Victimized
To many, this mother’s story is beyond belief.
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